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Samsung VCR & VCP Remote Controls

Including Samtron Brand

Model NumberRemote
ID Number
Part Number
CHT-350 00005C AK5900005C
CHT-350/XAA 00005C AK5900005C
CHT-420 00015A AK5900015A
CX-B1322 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CX-B1922 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CXA1316 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1316B 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1316B/CX 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1916 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1916B 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1926B 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXB1312 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXB1312A AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXB1313 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXB1322/CX 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CXB1922/CX 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CXB1922/T 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXB1922T 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXB1924 3F1400040010 3F1400040010
CXB1992/T 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXC1313 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXC1912 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXD1332 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1332/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1332/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1333 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1333/9UCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1333/AUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1333/IUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1334 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1334/9UCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1334/ICCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1334/IUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1342 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342C AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1932 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1932/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1933 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1933/9UCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1933/AUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1934 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/9UCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/AUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/ICCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/IUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1942 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1942/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1942/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1942/UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/4 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2514 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD2514/9UCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD2514/ACCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD2514/AUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXE1331 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1331/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1331/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931/IUC AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932/UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0933 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ0932 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ0932X/XAC AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXJ0933 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ0933X/XAC AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ1331 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1352 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1353 AA59-00075A AA5900075A
CXJ1364 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1364AX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1364BX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1364X/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1372 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1931 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1931X/XAC AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1952 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1952AX/XAA AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1964 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964AX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964B 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964BMX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964BX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ2512 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ2512X/XAA AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ2512X/XAC AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXM1374 00237B AA5900237B
CXM1974 00237B AA5900237B
CXM2785 AA59-00323B AA5900323B
CXM2785TP AA59-00323B AA5900323B
CXM2785TPX/XAA AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085 AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085TP AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085TPX AA59-00265B AA5900265B
DVD-1000 00058B AC5900058B
DVD-1080P7 00061H AK5900061H
DVD-1080P7/XAA 00061H AK5900061H
DVD-CM420 00015A AK5900015A
DVD-HD755 00061H AK5900061H
DVD-S10 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V1000 AC59-00052B AC5900052B
DVD-V1000 00058B AC5900058B
DVD-V2000 00058K AC5900058K
DVD-V2000V/XAA 00058K AC5900058K
DVD-V2200U 00058K AC5900058K
DVD-V2500 00001A AK5900001A
DVD-V3000 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V3300 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V3500 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V3600 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V3650 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V3800 00008N AK5900008N
DVD-V4300 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4500 00021B AK5900021B
DVD-V4600 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600 00021B AK5900021B
DVD-V4600 00021C AK5900021C
DVD-V4600/AXAX 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600/GEN 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600/RCL 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600/STR 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600/XAA 00021B AK5900021B
DVD-V4600/XAO 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600/XAP 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600/XAX 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4600M 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4650 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4700 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V4800 00008X AK5900008X
DVD-V5500 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V5500 00021C AK5900021C
DVD-V5500/AFS 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V5500/XAA 00021C AK5900021C
DVD-V5500/XAO 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V5500/XAP 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V5500/XAZ 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V5600 00051A AK5900051A
DVD-V5600 AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V5600/XAO AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V5600/XAP AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V5600/XAX AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V5600/XAZ AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V5650 00051A AK5900051A
DVD-V5650B 00051A AK5900051A
DVD-V6500 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V6600/XAO AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V6700 00051B AK5900051B
DVD-V6700 AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V6700/AFS AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V6700/XAX AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V6800 00080B AK5900080B
DVD-V7070 00058K AC5900058K
DVD-V8080 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V85 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V8500 00008X AK5900008X
DVD-V8600 00008X AK5900008X
DVD-V8650 00052B AK5900052B
DVD-V9090 00008A AK5900008A
DVD-V9500 00039F AK5900039F
DVD-V9600 AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V9650 AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V9700 AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V9700 00061J AK5900061J
DVD-V9700/XAC AK59-00052C AK5900052C
DVD-V9800 00061J AK5900061J
DVD-VR300 00015J AK5900015J
DVD-VR300A 00015J AK5900015J
DVD-VR320 00034H AK5900034H
DVD-VR325 00034S AK5900034S
DVD-VR329 00053A AK5900053A
DVD-VR330 00053A AK5900053A
DVD-VR330S 00053A AK5900053A
DVD-VR335 00053A AK5900053A
DVD-VR345 00053R AK5900053R
DVD-VR350 00062G AK5900062G
DVD-VR355 00062G AK5900062G
DVD-VR357 00062A AK5900062A
DVD-VR375 00084A AK5900084A
DVD-VR375 00084D AK5900084D
DVD-VR375/XAC 00084D AK5900084D
DVD-VR375A 00084A AK5900084A
MVR2000C 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR2100 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR2150 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
MVR2155 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR2166 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
MVR3100 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR3150 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
MVR3154 3F1400040010 3F1400040010
MVR3160 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
PT-39R AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
PT-39R/SEA AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
PTR-39 AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
PTR-39R/SEA-C AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
PTR-39R/SEA-S AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
PTR39R AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
SMT-29J10 AA59-00265B AA5900265B
SV-101 633-113 AC9310038Q
SV-101U/SEA 633-113 AC9310038Q
SV-105U/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-115U AC93-10044P AC9310044P
SV-115U/SEA AC93-10044P AC9310044P
SV-125U AC93-10044P AC9310044P
SV-125U/SEA AC93-10044P AC9310044P
SV-160U AC93-10041D AC9310041D
SV-160U/SEA AC93-10041D AC9310041D
SV-2040 625-616 AC5910001L
SV-2040U 625-616 AC5910001L
SV-20P 633-107 AC9310038G
SV-20P/SEM 633-107 AC9310038G
SV-24U/MON 10343S AC5910343S
SV-5000 00010D AC5900010D
SV-5000W 00010D AC5900010D
SV-5000W 00010F AC5900010F
SV-55U 10343S AC5910343S
SV-61P 633-120 AC9310038X
SV-61P/SEM 633-120 AC9310038X
SV-65U AC93-10044P AC9310044P
SV-7000 00010D AC5900010D
SV-7000W 00010D AC5900010D
SV-7000W/XAA 00010D AC5900010D
SV-75U AC93-10044P AC9310044P
SV-90U AC93-10041E AC9310041E
SV-90U/SEA AC93-10041E AC9310041E
SV-A105UR 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A105UR/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A120U/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A120UR 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A120UR/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A20UR 10332B AC5910332B
SV-A21U/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A21UR 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A21UR/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A25UR 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A25UR/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A55UR 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A55UR/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A60U/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-A60UR/SEA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-B130UR 10343S AC5910343S
SV-B130UR/XAA 10343S AC5910343S
SV-C100UP 10419E AC5910419E
SV-C20 10420K AC5910420K
SV-C40 10420K AC5910420K
SV-C40P 0003A AC5900003A
SV-C50UP 10419E AC5910419E
SV-C52P 10419E AC5910419E
SV-C90 10420K AC5910420K
SV-C90P 0003A AC5900003A
SV-D21 10420K AC5910420K
SV-D21A 10420K AC5910420K
SV-D41 00012E AC5900012E
SV-D91 00012E AC5900012E
SV-G42 10420K AC5910420K
SV-G92 10420K AC5910420K
SV-K160UM 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K170UM 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K180UM 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K180UP 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K181P AC5900024N AC5900024N
SV-K182P 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K70UP 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K71P AC5900024N AC5900024N
SV-K80UM 00064B AC5900064B
SV-K82P 00064B AC5900064B
TC-21J6MN AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TC-29J6MN AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TT-14A5N 00237B AA5900237B
TT-20A54 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT-20A5N 00237B AA5900237B
TT-20A72 AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TT10V52 AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT14A52 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
TT14A54 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A34 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A54TX/XAX 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A54X/XAX 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A727X/GSU AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TT20A727X/RCL AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TT20A727X/XAX AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TVN-236V AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN-236VW AA59-10026F AA5910026F
TVN-3350CA AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN-5054 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN236V/IWMXCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
TVN236V/MVTX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350/KH1X AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350CA/9AFX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350CA/AAFX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050/IMEXCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050/ITIJCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050/KH1X AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050C AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5054/9AFX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN5054/AAFX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN5054/ISEPCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN6350 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN6350/KH25X AA59-10026E AA5910026E
VM3105 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM3105/CX 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM6003 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM6105 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM6405 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM7105 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VP2504 AC93-10037Y AC9310037Y
VR-3300 69099-603-100 69099603100
VR-5260 00064A AC5900064A
VR-8559 0003A AC5900003A
VR-9160 00024D AC5900024D
VR2000 69099-603-100 69099603100
VR2410 69099-603-100 69099603100
VR2656 10343S AC5910343S
VR3040 10420H AC5910420H
VR3409 10420H AC5910420H
VR3559 0003A AC5900003A
VR3602 69099-629-103 69099629103
VR3603 69099-629-103 69099629103
VR3604 NR3346 69099633102
VR3606 10332B AC5910332B
VR3609 0003A AC5900003A
VR3609/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR3657 10343S AC5910343S
VR3702 69099-627-100 69099627100
VR3703 69099-629-116 69099629116
VR3704 NR3346 69099633102
VR3705 633-107 AC9310038G
VR3803 69099-625-351 69099625351
VR5060 00012F AC5900012F
VR5070 00012F AC5900012F
VR5140C 10420H AC5910420H
VR5160 00024C AC5900024C
VR5160/XAA 00024C AC5900024C
VR5160C 00024C AC5900024C
VR5260/XAA 00064A AC5900064A
VR5360 00064B AC5900064B
VR5360C 00064A AC5900064A
VR5409 10420H AC5910420H
VR5409C 0003A AC5900003A
VR5459 10420H AC5910420H
VR5508 10332B AC5910332B
VR5509 69099612100 69099612100
VR5509C AC5900004A AC5900004A
VR5559 0003A AC5900003A
VR5559/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR5600 00012F AC5900012F
VR5602 69099629102 69099629102
VR5604 69099633101 69099633101
VR5605 69099-633-112 AC9310038N
VR5606 10343S AC5910343S
VR5607 10332B AC5910332B
VR5608 10343S AC5910343S
VR5609 0003A AC5900003A
VR5609/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR5610L 69099-603-100 69099603100
VR5620L NR626 69099606101
VR5626 10343S AC5910343S
VR5702 69099-627-100 69099627100
VR5704 69099633101 69099633101
VR5705 633-120 AC9310038X
VR5706 AC93-10044P AC9310044P
VR5707 10343S AC5910343S
VR5708 10343S AC5910343S
VR5709 0003A AC5900003A
VR5709/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR5711 69099-618-102 69099618102
VR5753 69099-625-606 69099625606
VR5759 0003A AC5900003A
VR5759/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR5802 AC93-10037D AC9310037D
VR5803 69099625350 69099625350
VR5805 633-120 AC9310038X
VR5806 AC93-10044P AC9310044P
VR5807 10343S AC5910343S
VR5853 69099-625-355 69099625355
VR5854 69099-633-109 AC9310038K
VR5855 69099-633-109 AC9310038K
VR5905 AC93-10041E AC9310041E
VR8060 00012F AC5900012F
VR8070 00012F AC5900012F
VR8140C 10420H AC5910420H
VR8160 00024C AC5900024C
VR8160/XAA 00024C AC5900024C
VR8160C 00024C AC5900024C
VR8170C 00024D AC5900024D
VR8260 00064A AC5900064A
VR8360 00064B AC5900064B
VR8360/XAA 00064B AC5900064B
VR8360C 00064A AC5900064A
VR8409 10420H AC5910420H
VR8459 10420H AC5910420H
VR8460 00064G AC5900064G
VR8460A 00064G AC5900064G
VR8508 10332B AC5910332B
VR8509 AC5900004A AC5900004A
VR8559/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR8605 633-113 AC9310038Q
VR8606 10343S AC5910343S
VR8607 10332B AC5910332B
VR8609 0003A AC5900003A
VR8609/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR8707 10343S AC5910343S
VR8709 0003A AC5900003A
VR8709/XA 0003A AC5900003A
VR8756 AC93-10044P AC9310044P
VR8759 0003A AC5900003A
VR8759/XAA 0003A AC5900003A
VR8803 69099625350 69099625350
VR8806 AC93-10044P AC9310044P
VR8809 0003A AC5900003A
VR8905 AC93-10041D AC9310041D
VR9160/XAA 00024D AC5900024D
VR9160C 00024D AC5900024D
VR9180 AC5900025C AC5900025C
VR9180C AC5900025C AC5900025C
VR9260 00024M AC5900024M
VT-1566 69099-618-102 69099618102
VT-1566A 69099-618-102 69099618102
VT-320 69099-627-100 69099627100
VT-320/SEA 69099-627-100 69099627100
VT-350 69099-627-100 69099627100
VT-350/SEA 69099-627-100 69099627100