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Samsung TV/VCR Combo Remote Controls

Model NumberRemote
ID Number
Part Number
CX-B1322 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CX-B1922 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CXA1316 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1316B 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1316B/CX 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1916 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1916B 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXA1926B 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXB1312 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXB1312A AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXB1313 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXB1322/CX 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CXB1922/CX 3F14-00036-060 3F1400036060
CXB1922/T 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXB1922T 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXB1924 3F1400040010 3F1400040010
CXB1992/T 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
CXC1313 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXC1313/2CX AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXC1912 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
CXD1332 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1332/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1332/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1333 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1333/9UCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1333/AUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1333/IUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1334 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1334/9UCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1334/ICCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1334/IUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1342 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1342C AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1932 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1932/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1933 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1933/9UCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1933/AUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXD1934 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/9UCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/AUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/ICCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1934/IUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD1942 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1942/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1942/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD1942/UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/4 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/9UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2512/UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXD2514 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD2514/9UCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD2514/ACCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXD2514/AUCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
CXE1331 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1331/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1331/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931/AUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXE1931/IUC AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932/ICCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932/IUCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0932/UCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXF0933 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXF0933/ICCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXF0933/IUCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXF0933W AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ0932 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ0932X/XAC AA59-10026E AA5910026E
CXJ0933 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ0933X AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ0933X/XAC AA59-10026F AA5910026F
CXJ1331 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1352 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1352AX/XAA AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1352CX AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1353 AA59-00075A AA5900075A
CXJ1353/TCCX AA59-00075A AA5900075A
CXJ1364 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1364AX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1364BX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1364X/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1372 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1931 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1931X/XAC AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1952 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1952AX/XAA AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ1964 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964AX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964B 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964BMX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ1964BX/XAA 10026Q AA5910026Q
CXJ2512 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ2512X/XAA AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXJ2512X/XAC AA59-00003A AA5900003A
CXM1374 00237B AA5900237B
CXM1374X/XAA 00237B AA5900237B
CXM1974 00237B AA5900237B
CXM1974X/XAA 00237B AA5900237B
CXM2785 AA59-00323B AA5900323B
CXM2785TP AA59-00323B AA5900323B
CXM2785TPAX/XAA AA59-00323B AA5900323B
CXM2785TPX/XAA AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085 AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085TP AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085TPX AA59-00265B AA5900265B
CXN2085TPX/XAA AA59-00265B AA5900265B
MVR2000C 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR2100 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR2150 3F1400036021 3F1400036020
MVR2155 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR2166 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
MVR3100 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
MVR3150 AA5910010F 3F1400036080
MVR3154 3F1400040010 3F1400040010
MVR3160 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
SMT-29J10 AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TC-21J6MN AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TC-29J6MN AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TC21J6MNX/XAX AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TC29J6MNX/XAX AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TP29J10X/AAU AA59-00265B AA5900265B
TT-14A5N 00237B AA5900237B
TT-20A54 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT-20A5N 00237B AA5900237B
TT-20A72 AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TT10V52 AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT10V52A AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT10V52AX/RCL AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT10V52TX/XAX AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT10V52X AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT10V52X/RCL AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT10V52X/XAX AA59-00075A AA5900075A
TT14A52 AA59-00003A AA5900003A
TT14A54 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT14A5NBX/AAU 00237B AA5900237B
TT20A34 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A54TX/XAX 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A54X/XAX 10026Q AA5910026Q
TT20A5NBX/AAU 00237B AA5900237B
TT20A727X/GSU AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TT20A727X/RCL AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TT20A727X/XAX AA59-00237C AA5900237C
TVN-236 AA59-10026F AA5910026F
TVN-236V AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN-236VW AA59-10026F AA5910026F
TVN-3350CA AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN-5054 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN236V/IWMXCX AA59-10026F AA5910026F
TVN236V/MVTX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350/KH1X AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350CA/9AFX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN3350CA/AAFX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050/IMEXCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050/ITIJCX AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050/KH1X AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5050C AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN5054/9AFX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN5054/AAFX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN5054/ISEPCX 3F14-00046-050 AA5910026D
TVN6350 AA59-10026E AA5910026E
TVN6350/KH25X AA59-10026E AA5910026E
VM3105 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM3105/CX 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM6003 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM6105 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM6405 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030
VM7105 3F14-00027-030 3F1400027030